Easy DIY Frankenstein Craft with Pool Noodles

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Halloween is coming and so is Frankenstein. Add to your fun Halloween decorations with this great Frankenstein craft made with pool noodles!

Pool Noodle Frankenstein pin

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Decorating for Halloween with Pool Noodles

Halloween is the best time of year for decorating, dressing up, making crafts, and eating candy. I actually LOVE eating candy, who are we kidding?

However, it’s also fun to make things – like your costume and Halloween decorations!

And when you think of Halloween, you automatically think of our good friend Frank. You know, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.

So we’re going to show you how we made a large Frankenstein pool noodle craft and a small one.

They’re both really cute, right?

How to Make Frankenstein using a Pool Noodle


Green pool noodle

Black & White Felt

Googly eyes

Black pipe cleaner

Glue Gun


Knife with Miter box (if you have one)

Supplies for making a pool noodle Frankenstein


For the large Frankenstein, we used a 4.5-inch pool noodle in green. Use a serrated knife to cut it to a length of about 10 inches – or however long you prefer.

If you’ve never cut a pool noodle, you can read this article: How to Cut Pool Noodles for Crafting.

Use the scissors and felt to cut out a piece for the hair, nose, mouth and scar.

For the eyes, you can use googly eyes or cut out white and black pieces of felt.

For the large Frankenstein, we opted for the felt. We used the googly eyes on the small one.

Again, it’s up to you – use your imagination.

After you’ve cut all the pieces and checked how they look, begin gluing.

Glue the hair around the top of the noodle with the “bangs” facing down. Or facing up – that might be cute, too!

Glue on the eyes, nose, mouth and scars.

Again, remember. This is your very own Frankenstein. So, make this monster look any way you’d like. We are all unique and so are our monsters! 😉


After you cut out your pieces, lay them out in front of you. It gives you a good idea of how your final Frankenstein craft will look.

Frankenstein craft pieces

If you’re using this Frankenstein craft outdoors, you may want to anchor him in some way.

Put a couple of popsicle sticks in the bottom and place him in a container with sand or floral foam. You could also tape up the bottom hole and fill the hole with sand.

Another option would be to paint a board black and glue your Pool Noodle Frankenstein craft (and the other characters you make) to it to hold them steady.

Here are our Frankensteins. They turned out cute, don’t you think?

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to try this pool noodle craft project? It’s a really easy project and the kids will love it!

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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