Cute DIY Pool Noodle Bubble Blowers are Tons of Fun

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These cute bubble blowers are made from pool noodles. Find out how to make bubble wands and the many ways to use them in this post.

How to Make a Bubble Blower with Pool Noodles

Making a bubble blower is super easy.

We’ve given you some instructions here, some photos, and even a short video showing you what to do to make your own using a pool noodle. If you don’t see the video, yet, come back soon, it’s still in process. 😉

DIY Bubble Wands

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What is a bubble blower?

A bubble blower or bubble wand is a tool for blowing bubbles. It’s anything with a place to gather soap bubbles and a handle to grip it.

Kids have been having fun blowing bubbles since the beginning of time. Or at least since the beginning of soap.

Remember sitting in the bubble bath and holding the bubbles in your hands? You were likely blowing bubbles that day.

Bubbles can range from very tiny to HUGE!

My mother-in-law makes the very best bubbles and my kids have always enjoyed all the different bubble wands in her stash.

In fact, I’ve included a link to her bubble soap recipe at the end of this post just for you.

What is the best bubble blower?

The best bubble blower question is still up for debate.

It all depends on what you’re looking for in a blower/wand.

You want one that blows cute little bubbles, then this DIY Bubble Blower Wand is perfect for you.

If you want great big bubbles, you might need they type of bubble wand we mention below.

If you want lasting, easy to get bubbles, you need a perfect bubble solution just like the one mom makes. Reminder: we tell you about that below, too.

And last, if you want bubbles but don’t want to blow them yourself, take your kids or grandkids to the park or into the backyard and have THEM blow bubbles.

You can also just get a bubble machine. That’s SUPER easy!

How does a bubble blower work?

Bubble wands or bubble blowers work when you slowly blow air into the soap film created by the wand.

I’m no scientist, but I found a website that will explain this in simple scientific terms for you. Magic Bubble Wands

How do you make a bubble blower?

Well, you came to the right place.

Use pool noodles to make these cute bubble wands that really work.

You need a shape for the soap to cling to, your breath to blow it to form a bubble, and a love for fun times.

Uses for the Bubble Wands

Blowing Bubbles, of course.

When you’re done blowing bubbles (if the wands are still intact, lol), these make really cute table decorations.

These pool noodle wands make a fun decoration for a summer BBQ.

Use for a pool party decoration and or a birthday party favor.

Put a few in a little bucket of sand and put them on a table on the porch.

DIY Pool Noodle Bubble Blowers

How to Make a Bubble Blower Wand

Things You’ll Need:

Pool noodles in bright colors – You can use noodle pieces left from other projects because these bubble wands don’t require big sections.


Heavy Paper Straws

Knife and miter box


The supplies used in this post were from Dollar Tree, but I’ve given you the Amazon links to similar products as an example of what we used.


Gather your supplies.

Having everything together in one place before you start will make this project easier.

Bubble blower supplies

Cut the Pool Noodles

Use your miter box or cut your pool noodles free-handed into 1″ sections. For help cutting pool noodles, see our article: How to Cut Pool Noodles.

Attach the Straws

Place the straw at the bottom center of the pool noodle section and twist it into the noodle.

Go slowly. You don’t want the straw to come through the other side.

By placing your finger inside, you can feel the straw and stop before it reaches the other side.

Bubble wand made from pool noodle and straw

Tie a Bow

Use the ribbon to tie a bow onto the straw. You can use any kind of ribbon you’d like and tie it any way you please.

It is a good idea to use water-proof ribbon if you’ll actually be using these to blow bubbles. Getting cloth ribbon all wet may not be pretty…

Use Them or Display Them

Put your blowers into a small plastic bucket until you’re ready to use them. They make a great display while you’re waiting for your bubble blowing session.

Or put them into a glass mason jar filled with a little star-spangled bling as I did here.

DIY Bubble wands

Other Types of Bubble Blowers

Wand with a tray

These are traditional bubble blowers. They’re plastic wands with handles and holes on the end. They come in all shapes and sizes. Find them here on Amazon.

Wand inside a bubble container

Wands also come with premade bubbles. I think it’s more fun and better quality bubbles if you make your own, but, hey, there’s something to be said for convenience. Find this style here on Amazon, too.

Bubble Machine

Are you ready for the bubble wand to beat all bubble wands? You don’t even have to blow them yourself.

These bubble-making machines are awesome and tons of fun for your party, picnic or just because you’re in the mood. Find a Bubble Machine on Amazon.

Mom’s Bubble Recipe

I told you at the beginning of this article that I would give you the recipe for my mother-in-law’s secret bubbles. Well, you can find it here: Our Best DIY Bubble Solution.

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to try these pool noodle bubble blowers?

It’s a really easy project and the kids will love making their own bubble wands!

We’d love to see what you’ve made…

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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  1. Have you seen the pool noodle pom pom shooters? Super cute. I am constantly making crafts, toys and projects to recycle pool noodles. I am even considering letting people drop off used pool noodles at my house at the end of summer. We’ll see how my husband feels about that.

  2. Saundra Wells

    I am looking for noodle end connectors. Dollar tree sold them last year. They are about 9 inches long, and probably 5 inch diameter, and they are fluted long ways

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