13 Best Pool Noodle Storage Solutions and Other Pool Toy Storage Ideas 2021

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Keep the pool area neat and tidy with these best pool noodle storage ideas. Learn how to store water toys, ways to store pool noodles, and even get a few DIY pool noodle storage ideas in this post.

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Why do you need a pool noodle storage solution?

Summertime, warm weather, and blue skies signal time for cooling off in the water.

Whether you prefer a pool, you swim off your dock or boat at the lake, or you’re just splashing around in the backyard sprinkler, it’s helpful to organize your water toys.

Keep things neat and tidy when not in use and give your toys a home that is clean, safe and easy to maintain.

Pool noodles and water toys need to be kept dry when stored to avoid the growth of mildew and to preserve their useful life.

If some of your pool noodles and water toys have shown signs of mildew, this website will show you how to clean them up before storing them again.

A proper pool noodle storage solution and water toy organizer is the perfect answer for keeping your toys clean and neatly organized!

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What to look for in a pool storage container?

Size & Space

The size of your storage will depend on the area available, the type of toys you’re wanting to store, and your budget.

Having a measurement taken of the area will be helpful when ordering or building a storage unit.

Choose a pool area storage system that will fit in the space on your dock (if you’re at the lake or on the river, for example), around your pool, in the pool house, or a convenient area on your deck.


Consider the quality of the equipment you require. Are you using this one time for a party or will it be a something you want to last long term?

A quality storage solution may cost more at first, but may actually save you money over time.

If you’re considering a mesh piece, make sure it’s sturdy, will not rot quickly with moisture and sun, and is durable enough to withstand youngsters taking toys in and out.

If a deck box is more your style, think about its weight, the material it’s made from, and purchase a piece that will hold up well in hot, wet conditions.


When purchasing or creating a storage solution for pool noodles and water toys, make a list of your needs.

Do you want to store towels, balls, flotations devices, and loungers as well as your pool noodles? You might want to get a larger storage bin that has an area above that could stay dry, something with hooks for towels, or a piece with individual areas of differing sizes.

To store your pool noodles only, maybe you need a simpler solution like a DIY laundry basket holder or a pool noodle stand.

We have included samples of these types of pool noodle storage solutions in our list below.

Boy with pool toys

What does a pool noodle holder cost?

You could spend a lot or a little on a water toy storage solution.

If you’re willing to make it yourself, you can find a solution that costs very little.

Spend a little money, and you can get a purchased solution that can range from $20 to several hundred dollars or more.

DIY pool noodle storage idea vs. Ready-made purchased pool noodle organizer

As mentioned already, DIY noodle storage solutions and ready-made pool organizers can vary greatly in price.

For a quick DIY solution, try one of these:

  1. Use a trash can to hold pool noodles and a bungee cord to attach it to a stable area like a post or rail.
  2. Store your pool noodles in the rafters of the garage, dock, or canopy of the boat.
  3. Use a net hung from the ceiling.
  4. Slide the noodles inside your kayak or paddleboat.
  5. Make a holder for them with pallets or hooks attached to the fence.

For a Ready-made idea, consider one of these:

  1. A rolling storage bin.
  2. Use a deck box, but make sure all toys are dry before you store them.
  3. Store your pool noodles in a mesh bag.
  4. Tie a mesh net to the fence or ceiling.
  5. Buy a sturdy stand to hold your pool noodles.

There are many other do-it-yourself storage solutions as well as more ready-made pool toy ideas for storage. See our list below for some of the ones we found.

Pool Noodle Storage Solutions

Summertime is pool time and that means pool noodles and water toys.

Finding good storage solutions for your pool toys is paramount.

You want your swimming area to look nice, stay organized, and your toys to be readily available.

Here are some great ways to store pool noodles and organize water toys.

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to use one of these suggestions for pool noodle storage and pool toy organization?

Keep your pool area organized, safe and clean with one of these great ideas!

If you find a way to store your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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