1001 Genius Pool Noodle Camping Hacks

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Ok, maybe not 1001, but we have a lot of pool noodle camping hacks in this post. Make your camping safer and more fun with these ways to use pool noodles on the camper or RV.

camper door

Genius Pool Noodle Camper Hacks

Since pool noodles are not easily recycled, our objective with this website is to find helpful, creative and fun ways to use them instead of sending them to a forever home in a landfill.

In this post, we will show some incredible ways we have found to use pool noodles while camping.

  • What kind of pool noodle to use
  • Pool Noodle Camper Hacks
  • Uses for Pool Noodles for Camping Activities and
  • Things NOT to do with pool noodles when camping

Pool Noodle Camping Hacks: What Noodle to Use

Using a pool noodle that is already sliced for you is the most convenient. And if you’re using them to protect your head, you may need a noodle that’s just a little thicker than average.

I recommend using one of these pool noodles in the photograph below. I’ve found them to be the best. These are really considered “foam insulation” and can be found on Amazon in various lengths and sizes.

They come in various colors, too. Use black to blend in or a bright color to draw attention.

Use zip ties to secure them if they seem loose or you want to be sure they stay in place. 12″ zip ties should do the trick. You can always cut off any excess.

On the left: 51″ long, 2.25″ across, and the hole is 1″ wide. This pool noodle is split lengthwise. You can find this noodle on Amazon.

On the right: 35″ long, 3 inches across at the broadest point, 2.5″ at the narrowest, and the hole is 1″x1.5″ wide. It’s shaped funny, but it works great to have the thicker portion pointed in the direction of the force. Translated: If you bump your head, there’s more padding. You can find this noodle on Amazon, too.

pool noodle foam insulation, split

Pool Noodle Camper Hacks

There are many ways to use pool noodles on your camper. You know those crazy places where you can crack your noggin’?

Dangerous bars, ropes, and corners

**Wrap your awning bars with a pool noodle to avoid head bumps.

foam noodle protecting camper arm

**Put a pool noodle on the camper slide so when you’re bent down working on the camper, you can stand up safely. It would probably be a good idea if this person would scoot the pool noodle all the way to the end of the slide to cover that corner… just sayin’.

camper slide with pool noodle
It would be a good idea if this camper would scoot their pool noodle all the way to the corner of the slide…

**Wrap the tent poles and ropes so you don’t trip and fall. Use a bright-colored pool noodle so it’s noticed.

**You can also use pool noodles to wrap the cables and lines that let the tailgate down on the back door of an enclosed car trailer or toy-hauler type of camper. Have you ever run into one of those? Ouch!

Inside the Camper

There are few different ways to use pool noodles inside the camper itself.

**If the kids have bunk beds with a ladder, use a pool noodle to wrap the rungs, making it more comfortable for their little feet to climb.

**If your camper has a shower door/tub combo with a metal strip across the bottom, it might be sweet to have a pool noodle close by to lean across when bathing your children.

Traveling with the Camper

When you’re traveling with the camper, here are some ideas for using pool noodles to travel.

**Cut slits in the pool noodle (or get them already slit) and put them up on the luggage rack on top of the car. Now you have a softer place to strap the kayak, or to carry something extra and to keep it from scratching your vehicle.

At the Campsite and Camping Activities

You can not only use pool noodles ON your camper, you can use them for other camping activities. Here are some cool pool noodle camping hacks for use at the campsite.

For storage

**I know you’ve seen this before out there on the interwebs. Make slices in the noodle and attach it to a wall. Use it to hold your fishing poles in place. There’s a photo of this on Pinterest.

The Cooler

**Use a pool noodle to hold the cooler open while it’s drying on the inside. Letting it dry completely keeps it from getting yucky inside so it’s ready to use next time. But beware of any spiders or critters that may venture inside when you aren’t looking.

**Make a floating cooler to take with you when you’re out in the water at the lake, in the river, or anywhere else you love to float or play in the water.

Make a toilet

**Wrap a noodle around the top of a 5-gallon bucket that has a trash bag in it, and well, you have a primitive camping toilet. Here’s a post with instructions: Making a Toilet using a Pool Noodle. (well, I haven’t written it yet, but I will soon)

For comfort

**Wrap a pool noodle around the arms of your lawn chair.

Or the arms of the golf cart seat.

golf cart seat with pool noodle wrapped arms

**Fold a pool noodle under the golf cart seat when the back seat is laid out so it stops the loud banging noise from the bouncing metal hitting metal as you go for a golf cart ride.

**Rain and water can pool up on your canopy and cause it to either fall down or spill a ton of water on your head all at once. Place a pool noodle in the corners to keep the water from pooling around the supports. This works for an outdoor canopy, but also works inside your pop-up camper! There’s a photo of one on Pinterest if you want to see it in action.

What NOT to do

DO NOT use a pool noodle as insulation for your hot dog stick. Pool noodles will melt and leave you with burns.

DO NOT light them on fire because they will produce a nasty odor that may harm you or your children. (not a funny one)

DO NOT use a pool noodle to smack your husband just because he’s not listening – no matter HOW much you’re tempted.

DO NOT blow sharp objects out the end of a pool noodle if aiming at your brother (or someone equally annoying). At least use a target. Ok?

And some DOs.

DO let the kids use their pool noodles as a water cannon in the pool to catch someone by surprise. (Ok, maybe warn them first.) You know, fill it with water and blow on the end?

DO let me know of any other pool noodle camping hacks we could add to this post. Even send a photo to me and I might include it here. Just send me a comment below or share on Facebook.

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Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking?

Are you going to use any of these pool noodle camping hacks next time you go camping?

There are some really easy solutions to your camping problems to make your outing more fun, I promise!

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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