Easy DIY Pool Noodle Bat Craft

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Halloween crafts are fun to make and this Pool Noodle Bat Craft for kids is no exception. Add a cute touch to your Halloween decorations or make him “just because” with these easy instructions.

Pool noodle bat craft for Halloween

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Easy DIY Pool Noodle Bat Craft for Halloween

Decorating with pool noodles is easy and fun!

This Halloween bat craft will bring fun and a festive feel to your home during the fall season.

We’ve made bats, cats, Frankenstein, pumpkins, mummies, and spiders, too! You can see all of them here: Easy Halloween Crafts using Pool Noodles.

Toddlers can even make this cute pool noodle craft!

Let’s get started.

How to Make a Halloween Bat using Pool Noodles

This pool noodle bat craft is so easy to make.

For younger kids or in a daycare setting, you can use regular glue or glue dots instead of a glue gun and pre-cut the wings and eye background so they are ready to go.

This would make a fun craft for older kids who are more skilled with cutting, too.

The instructions can be adapted to fit the age level of the kids.


4-6 inch long piece of black pool noodle

Black felt

Gray felt

Googly Eyes

Glue Gun


Knife with Miter box (if you have one)


To make this Halloween bat craft, we used a 2.5-inch pool noodle in black.

Use a serrated knife to cut it to a length of 4-6 inches – or however long you prefer.

If you’ve never cut a pool noodle, you can read this article: How to Cut Pool Noodles for Crafting.

Use the scissors and gray felt to cut out a piece as a background for the eyes.

Use the scissors and black felt to cut out the wings. I folded the felt and cut two pieces at the same time.

If you need help with this, I made a very primitive, rough template you can use.

Don’t judge me, though… I don’t know how to use a drawing program to make a real template, but this might work: Bat Wing Template.

Glue the wings on the noodle at the back.

Glue the gray felt where the eyes belong.

Glue the googly eyes onto the gray felt.


Since the bat is also a vampire at Halloween, you may want to use a piece of white felt to make a mouth & fangs.

We want to use our bat at other times, so we decided to just make him a bat and not a vampire. We left off the mouth & fangs.

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to try this pool noodle bat craft project? It’s a really easy project and the kids will love it!

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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