1001 Types of Pool Noodles (almost)

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Pool Noodles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, thicknesses, lengths and have many uses. Here are some of the common types of pool noodles and some ideas on how to use them.

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Pool Noodle Types

There are more types of pool noodles than you can count. I came up with some to share with you, but believe me, there are 1001 types of pool noodles!

Check out the examples at the bottom of this post before you go…

Pool Noodles Come in Different Sizes

Mega Jumbo – These water noodles are great for larger folks who need a little more lift in the water.

The diameter of these noodles is usually greater than 5″.

They keep your head up and your shoulders out of the water. The lighter you are, the less of your body is in the water.

Several in this size come coated with vinyl protection.

Mega Jumbo noodles are very sturdy and will last a long time.

Jumbo – Jumbo pool noodles are slightly smaller than the MEGA Jumbo, but offer similar characteristics.

The diameter of these noodles is around 5″.

They offer much more lift than the smaller noodles and are mainly for adult swimmers.

These noodles are fairly sturdy and don’t bend too much.

Medium – Medium sized noodles come in lengths of between 52-58″ and most of them have holes.

Medium water noodles are usually 3-4″ in diameter and will hold a normal sized adult swimmer.

Small – The smallest noodles are usually a little more flimsy and are made for kids.

They come in a diameter of 2-2 1/12″ and hold the weight of smaller kids and toddlers.

Small noodles are great for making crafts and toys like these cute Pool Noodle Boats or a water sprinkler.

Red and blue pool noodles, types of pool noodles

How Long is a Pool Noodle?

If you’ve ever wondered how long is a pool noodle, let me tell you here.

Pool noodles vary in length from 48-60 inches long. The size you choose depends on the use you have in mind.

Pool Noodles Can Be Solid or Have Holes

Solid pool noodles are usually firmer, more dense and have less flexibilty than noodles with holes.

We actually wrote an entire article here titled “Why Do Pool Noodles Have Holes?“. Read more to find out the answer to this important question!

Pool Noodles Come in Many Colors

What color pool noodle would you like? You can probably find it!

Bright colors, pastels, white, black, purple and yellow to match your boat (like we did…), or multi-colored!

If you’re making party decorations, you can find the perfect coordinating colors!

Pool Noodles Come in Different Lengths

Buy a noodle in short, long or medium. Noodles vary in length from around 42″ to 60″.

If you are using the noodles for a craft or toy, you can get the perfect size for your project.

Find the perfect length to suit you, depending on the use you have in mind.

Pool noodles in the grass

Pool Noodles Can Be Dense or Flimsy

Some noodles are made of dense material allowing it to be firmer and less bendy. This holds you up better in the water, especially if you’re a larger adult.

Noodle material can be manufactured with less dense materials creating a flimsier noodle that can be bent and shaped.

Again, read the manufacturer’s description and find the water noodle that’s perfect for your needs.

Pool Noodles Can Be Plain or Decorated

Pool Noodles can come in solid colors or decorated. They can be “Red” or Gold Glitter, like the example down further on this page.

They can be Tootsie Rolls, Chapstick, or a rolled up newspaper.

Pool noodles are very versatile!

Pool Noodles Can Be Household Aids

There is a line of pool noodles that are specifically made for use in the home.

They come already slit for household jobs like, covering pipes or for use as bumper guards.

There is an example of this kind of Noodle below, too.

What Types of Pool Noodles Have You Used?

Like I said, there are 1001 Types of Pool Noodles, ready for use in swimming, crafting, making games, and using for household hacks.

Here are some examples:

Types of Pool Noodles

Pool noodles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Find YOUR perfect Pool Noodle here!

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Do you use pool noodles?

Have you ever used pool noodles for a craft or to make a game?

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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9 thoughts on “1001 Types of Pool Noodles (almost)”

  1. Can’t find a pool noodle that has a diameter greater than 4.5 inches without a core. Any suggestions.

  2. Michael Mays

    Looking for some really small pool noodle material to go on a guitar tripod. Should be no bigger than ¾” outer diameter, ¼” inner diameter, about three feet. Is there anything that size?

  3. Randy Morris

    I am looking for some pool noodles 4″ dia with a hole in the center, can you help me?

  4. Hi what do you call noodles that have joints inside them that lock them into the shape you want. Without using connectors. I have one I bought from tescos a few years a go but now I can’t find them any where. It was a child’s one. If you know there name and where I could get one from, that would be brilliant please..

  5. Hi I teach aqua and I’m after a thin noodle for my clients with hand arthritis to grip the standard are too big could you help

  6. Looking to replace noodles on FYI between 4 and 4.25 in width that are fairly straight, say not much more than one inch (2..5 cm) bend over total length.
    Noodles need to be dense enough to have some resistance to bending.

    White or yellow colors are favored.

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