Why Do Pool Noodles Have Holes?

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If you want to know everything about pool noodles, you have come to the right place. We are here to answer all your questions – like this one: Why do pool noodles have holes?

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Why Are Pool Noodles Hollow?

This may be a haunting question that keeps you up at night.

It may be something you wonder about as you walk the road of life.

Or it may be that this important question never even crossed your mind…

Never fear. Our impressive, intelligent, and well-educated gurus are offering up some answers to this age-old question…

Why Do Pool Noodles Have Holes?

We have wondered that, too.

It may have a simple answer.

We have searched high and low and here is what we found:

These explanations may or may not be accurate, but these are some best guesses to answer the question: Why do pool noodles have holes?

10 Reasons Pool Noodles Have Holes

For Fun

REASON ONE: Pool Noodles have holes so you can play games with your friends.

Try this: Make a line of kids in the pool.

Give everyone a pool noodle.

Have everyone point their noodles towards the edge of the pool or up in the air.

Blow the water out in the same direction at the same time and see who can send water the furthest, highest or longest.

REASON TWO: Pool Noodles have holes so you can move water from one place to the other.

Try this: You know when you have a faucet that is low into the sink?

It makes it hard to fill your bucket.

Put one end of your pool noodle into the bucket and the other into the stream of water.

Easy Peasy bucket fill!

REASON THREE: Pool Noodles have holes so you can annoy your sister (or brother, mom, friend, etc.)

Try this: When you’re in the pool and your sister is minding her own business, floating quietly on her raft, do this.

Sneak up to her with your pool noodle, put it all under the water.

Using both hands, lift it out with the ends pointing up.

Point one end at your sister and blow hard on the other end.

For Add-Ons

REASON FOUR: Pool Noodles have holes so you can add on items to make your water time more fun.

Try this: This cup holder for your noodle is awesome, clever and very handy! Don’t keep getting out of the water for a drink. Why would you when you can have it with you as you swim? Boaters and lake swimmers love this. Believe me, I’m one of them!

REASON FIVE: Pool noodles holes allow you to make your crafting project easier.

Crafters, Try This: If you make items to sell, for example, insulated cups with designs on them, there are special turning tools you can use to make your job easier. Having holes makes these pool noodle segments a helpful addition for these Tumbler Rotisseries.

Or use the holes to fill the crafting noodle with sand to give it more stability! Like we did with our Firecracker Centerpiece.

Boy in pool with pool noodles

 For Making Connections

REASON SIX: Pool noodles have holes so they will connect to other noodles.

Try This: Connect several pool noodles together using a connector in between like a noodle rope or these snazzy connectors.

You can create mazes, basketball hoops, or whatever else your imagination allows.

For Ease of Manufacturing

REASON SEVEN: Pool Noodles have holes because it is the most convenient way to manufacture them.

Companies who make noodles use a process that results in the noodle hole. The material floats around the solid center to create the hole.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but it was on the internet, so it has to be, right?


For Cost Savings

REASON EIGHT: Pool Noodles have holes because they become cheaper to produce. Noodles with holes use less material than the solid ones. It’s a lot like putting less cereal in the box, which we know is happening, too!

WHERE IS #9 and #10?

I told you I had 10 Reasons, but only came up with eight. Please help me by commenting below with your ideas… If it sounds logical, I may add it to this post! Thank you.

Why Do Pool Noodles Have Holes?

Why do YOU think pool noodles have holes? Tell me how you have used the holes in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: Pools, water, and pool noodles are created for fun, flotation, and exercise. This site is not responsible for your safety.

And if your sister or your Mom didn’t like it when you blew water from your noodle at her, well, that’s on you…

Have fun and be safe out there!

Why do pool noodles have holes pin

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8 thoughts on “Why Do Pool Noodles Have Holes?”

  1. I’m looking for a pool noodle with a 2 inch hole to place over poles as a means of protecting my boat!!

  2. Frances Sua

    Pool noodles are used to keep the draft from coming under the door.

    Pool noodles can be used as curlers for you hair.

  3. Reason for Hole: To allow flexibility. Solid noodels would break in half under heavy or sudden weight in the water.

  4. Jamie O'Rourke

    I owned the company that made the first noodle with a hole in it (Kidpower 1996).
    The primary reason we put the hole in the noodle was to make them more affordable. The savings on material was not consequential (a noodle has only 4 ounces of material in it) the real savings was on machine/production time. Allowing Kidpower and our manufacturing partner Nomaco to sell many millions of Funnodles for $2.99 at Mass retail instead of the $12 retail that the Canadians had been selling solid noodles for!

  5. Prof Noodles

    The hole increases buoyancy so the noodle can support more weight than solid core ones.

  6. The noodles with the hole works good on a dog collar after they’ve had surgery 🩷

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