Simple Pool Noodle Christmas DIY Elf Decoration

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Santa and his elves make Christmas special. Why not let them help you decorate this year? Elf decorations are fun to make, and this DIY Pool Noodle Elf decoration is easy, too!

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Make an Elf Decoration with a Pool Noodle

Why Use a Pool Noodle?

Making Christmas decorations with pool noodles is a great way to reuse and recycle old pool noodles.

Why would you let the go to the landfill when you can use them to make the cutest Christmas decorations?

Pool noodles are inexpensive, too!

You can make this great elf decoration with just a few supplies and a couple of easy steps.

Believe me, if I can do it, you can, too!

DIY Pool Noodle Elf Decoration Tutorial

Here is what you’ll need to complete this cute Christmas project.


Elf hat

Striped socks or table leg covers like these.

If you use socks, you will need some shoes, too. (That’s why I like using the table leg covers – shoes are included…)

Pool Noodle – 2 pieces, 14-16 inches long

Glue Gun & hot glue

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Order your supplies from Amazon or shop for your supplies at your local hobby store, Dollar Tree or WalMart.

You can use the links above to order them, or just to see what was used for our Christmas Elf Pool Noodle project.

The link to the pool noodles is for a large amount. Since I make so many pool noodle projects, this is the one I ordered.

However, if you only plan to make a few projects, you can simply order in a smaller quantity.

Or if you plan to recycle pool noodles, you don’t even need to order them. Just use the older noodles left over from this summer.

Step 1

First, you will cut your pool noodle pieces.

If you’ve never cut pool noodles, you can read our guide here: How to Cut Pool Noodles for Crafting.

Cut the pool noodle to the proper length. If you have long socks and want a lot of leg showing, cut the noodles a little longer.

For our project, we cut each of the 2 pool noodle pieces 14 inches long.

Step 2

Attach the socks, leg covers, or fabric to the noodle pieces to make the legs.

If you used socks, attach some shoes, too.

Elf legs for craft

Step 3

Add the Elf hat. This can be attached to the noodle legs with hot glue or you can sew the pieces together if you have the skills and the means to do so.

Step 4

Attach a hanger if you plan to hang your Christmas elf decoration. A simple ribbon attached to the back with glue would work well.

If you plan to stand him up, you may want to add some weight to the feet and legs or leaning him against a wall or between other decorations to make him more sturdy.

If you used socks and shoes, just fill the shoes with sand (placed in a baggy to keep it neat) to add extra weight.

You don’t want him to fall over!

DIY Pool Noodle Elf

Here’s another simple but cute holiday craft elf decoration!

Don’t you love it?

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to try this Christmas pool noodle craft idea?

It’s a really easy project and the kids will love it!

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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