How to Make a Pool Noodle Safety Rope

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Staying safe while swimming is essential. Giving swimmers a boundary is a good way to ensure they stay in the designated areas. Make your own pool noodle safety rope with these easy instructions.

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Staying Safe with a Pool Noodle Swim Rope

Whether you’re swimming in a pool or at the lake, safety is of utmost importance.

Have you ever been floating on your noodle at the lake and the current pushed you farther and farther away from the boat?

With this cool little pool noodle safety rope you’ll stay close and not float away!

Does your pool have a deep end and a shallow end?

Use this safety swim rope to designate the boundary between the two sides.

Do people swim off of your dock?

This pool noodle rope will show swimmers the areas designated for swimming and areas to avoid.

How awesome is that?

Stay in the boundaries set for you with this pool noodle swim rope.

Stay safe while swimming with your own pool noodle safety rope.

Keep swimmers from floating away when having fun in the lake.

Mark off an area around the dock where swimming is permitted.

Keep little ones in a shallow area.

Rope off the swimming area to keep swimmers from venturing too far away from shore.


How to Make a Pool Noodle Safety Rope

The tutorial below will show you how to make your own pool noodle swim rope.

It’s so easy!

What You Need

You only need a few items to make this rope.

  1. Pool Noodles, your choice of color.
  2. 3/8″ Rope that floats, your choice of color.
  3. 2 Carabiners (Spring Links), 3 inch
rope, swim noodles, carabiners


  • Determine the length you need for the finished rope. The final length will depend upon your plans for the swim rope.

We used a 100 ft. rope and 17 52-inch pool noodles. This is the rope you see in the photos.

Leave 3-4 feet extra on each end of the swim rope and 6 inches between each noodle.

Leaving space between noodles enables it to be easily folded and stored.

Here is a formula:

55 inches X 17 noodles = 935 inches or 77.9 ft.

Using a 100 ft. rope – 78 ft. (or 77.9) covered in noodles, you have 22 ft. remaining.

Leaving 6 inches between 16 spaces between noodles, you have 8 ft. between noodles.

22 ft – 8 ft = 14 ft. of rope left (7 ft. on each end) to allow for tying and slack.

If you wanted to add another noodle, you probably could.

This size of pool noodle swim rope has worked perfectly for us. We clip each end of the rope to the sides of the boat and float all afternoon!

  • Run the rope through the holes in the noodles, counting the noodles as you go.
  • Tie a knot in each end.
  • Add the carabiner to each end.

And that’s it!

There are some printable instructions for you below, along with links to the products on Amazon.

To Store Your Pool Noodle Swim Rope.

Since there is limited space on the boat and in our storage shed, we’ve found that storing your noodle rope inside your Lily Pad works great!

These two items have made our time on the water very enjoyable. If you don’t have a Lily Pad, you might want to look into getting one of these, too!

The kids have such a good time running up and down on it, balancing, jumping off, and playing “King of the Hill”.

The adults use it as a swim-up bar, a place to set their drinks and to sunbathe.

Printable Instructions

Here are instructions you can print.

Yield: 1

How to Make a Pool Noodle Rope

How to Make a Pool Noodle Rope

Stay safe while swimming with this pool noodle safety rope. These simple instructions will have you using your swim rope in no time!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 55" Pool Noodles, (17), your choice of color.
  • 3/8" Rope that floats (1), your choice of color
  • 3" Carabiners (2)  Also called Spring Links


  • No tools required


  1. Determine the length of the rope you need and the number of noodles required.
  2. Tie a knot on one end of the rope.
  3. Use the other end to string the noodles together.
  4. Tie the second end.
  5. Attach a carabiner to each end.

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“Please remember Noodles are not designed as lifesaving or flotation devices, and children should always be supervised in water.”

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    1. Hi, Karen.
      A floatable rope may not be necessary, but the more buoyancy you have, the better. You want the entire thing to float and this type of rope is made for water/wet conditions. If you want to try a regular rope, there’s no reason you can’t. This tutorial is how we made our swim rope and it worked well, so we’re sharing our process with you. Your final product is totally up to you.

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