The Best Boot Shapers for Your Boot Collection

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Give your boots some extra love and care with the best boot shapers around. Your boot collection will thank you when you go the extra mile to care for them. A pool noodle boot shaper is a great answer!

Boot shaper pin

Types of Boot Shapers

Keeping your closet neat, your boots upright, and making more storage space is what it’s all about!

There are many different types and styles of boot shapers.

You can decide for yourself which boot supporter is best for your own boot collection.

Some great boot storage solutions are available to purchase – I’ve shown some examples below.

However, it’s quick and simple to make your own DIY boot shaper, too!

These DIY boot shapers are made from pool noodles and offer an easy solution to your boot dilemma.

Simply use an old pair of boot socks – or a new pair if you want to go all out.

Here are the directions.

How to Make DIY Boot Shapers with Pool Noodles


Your favorite pair of boots

2.5 – 3″ Pool noodle

The size of the pool noodle you use will vary based on the size and shape of the boots. Most standard boots can hold a 3″ noodle, but for super slim boots, you may need to go to 2.5″.

Pair of boot socks



The instructions really couldn’t be any easier.

Cut 2 pieces of pool noodle to a length 3-4″ longer than the height of your boots.

If you don’t know how, here is the best way to cut pool noodles.

Put a sock over each pool noodle section, leaving a little or a lot of “extra” at the top.

If you have a type of sock that looks good as is, that’s awesome!

If you have a pair that would be better tied at the top, tie a piece of ribbon around the top to close it off.

I left mine open, but in one of the examples below, you can see what it might look like with a ribbon.

Put your sock/noodle into your boot and zip them up (if they have a zipper).

And there you have it!

How easy was that?

Don’t you just LOVE simple projects like this DIY pool noodle boot shaper?

boot shapers

Maybe you have a fancy closet, you enjoy making things super cute, or you and your boots are just feeling kinda special today…

If you want to get fancy, take an extra step.

Sew up some custom boot shapers with a little fabric and a ribbon.

Since I’m not too handy with a sewing machine, I opted for the easiest way – socks.

But if you’re crafty, you can make your own pool noodle boot shaper covers.

Measure the pool noodle both around and lengthwise. Then just remember to leave enough extra for a small seam allowance.

Sew them up, finish the edges and add a cute ribbon. Ta da!

Other Great Boot Storage Solutions

Best Boot Shapers

You want your boots to hold their shape, make them easier to store in the closet, and not spend a ton of money, right?

Here are some great boot shapers that will solve your problem instantly!

These DIY boot shapers are so cute and fun to make.

Check out the instructions at

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking?

Are you going to try this boot shaper household hack?

It’s a really easy project and a smart way to store your boots!

If you find a way to recycle or repurpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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