Easy DIY Halloween Tulle Wreath with a Pool Noodle | Tutorial & Video

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Making a wreath from a pool noodle is easy. This cute Halloween Pool Noodle Wreath took a little patience, but the result is worth it. Get your instructions for making a DIY Halloween tulle wreath and have a blast putting it together!

Halloween tulle wreath supplies

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How to Make a DIY Halloween Wreath from a Pool Noodle

Halloween is a fun time to decorate the house, the porch and everywhere in between.

This cute DIY Halloween Pool Noodle Wreath will add a touch of whimsy to your front door.

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To make your own DIY Halloween Tulle Wreath, begin with making a pool noodle form.

If you haven’t made one before, you can start here: How to Make a Pool Noodle Wreath Form.

Why Use a Pool Noodle?

Using a pool noodle to make a Halloween wreath just makes sense.

Repurposing items like a pool noodle is good for the environment, is cost-effective, and is plain old fun!

It’s easy to put together a Halloween wreath using a pool noodle, too!

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a Halloween Tulle Wreath.

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How to Make a Halloween Tulle Wreath

You’ll need to gather together a few things to make this wreath.

You’ll need a pool noodle, of course. I used a black one, because, well, Halloween.

Since you’re repurposing pool noodles, you may also want to repurpose some of your old decorations like I did here.

Past decorations were getting boring, so using them in new ways gives them a fresh look and a new life.

You’ll need a few more things to make this tulle wreath for Halloween and I’ve listed them below.

Here are the things you’ll need


Pool noodle

Duct tape



Hot glue gun & glue

4 rolls of 6″ Tulle – These are the ones we used – 4 colors, orange, purple, green and black

Embellishments – we used old Halloween decorations. Check out Amazon for some ideas.

Ribbon or wire for a bow or hanger


If you’re in a hurry, you can scroll on down to the video below, but you might miss some of the tips.

Create a pool noodle wreath form.

If you haven’t made one before, you can use our tutorial.

Next, cut the tulle into 20-22″ strips. The ones on our wreath were 22″.

cutting tulle for wreath

Tie the strips onto the pool noodle wreath. We knotted them. You can see this in the video below, too.

You can alternate colors or make a section for each color, whichever way you prefer. We made a section of each color.

tie the tulle onto the wreath

Add embellishments like this ghost decoration we salvaged from an old project.

You could add a bat, a pumpkin, or any other scary or non-scary Halloween object.

Halloween tulle wreath

Then tie on a ribbon at the top to use for hanging your Halloween Tulle Wreath.

How cute is that?


Tulle can be static-y. In order to reduce the static and the “stick-together-ness” of the tulle, we just wiped on it a little with a dryer sheet.

Making a halloween wreath

That did the trick, for sure.

Tie the strips close together to start with instead of trying to move them after the fact like I did. It’s easier to tighten them up when they’re already pretty close together.

Use lots of glue to hold your embellishments, but keep it hidden.

If your wreath is outdoors or on your door for Halloween, it might get a workout.

You don’t want parts falling off into a trick-or-treaters bucket!

So, be sure to glue it well!

That’s it! You have a cute little wreath for Halloween, you saved a landfill from a pool noodle and you got crafty with me!

*********The VIDEO will appear here when I get it edited and ready for you… Hey – it’s ready!!

Pool Noodle Halloween wreath

Are you ready?

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to use this pool noodle wreath idea?

Making a wreath from a pool noodle is really easy and can make decorating your house fun!

If you find a way to recycle or re-purpose your pool noodles, show us a photo on Instagram with #diynoodles or share your photo on our Facebook page.

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